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Please note that these drawings describe the Hummingbird concept circa 1995-98 and do not necessarily reflect current developments.


Side View (clean)
Side View (duct detail)
Side View (detailed)

Plan View (clean)
Plan View (duct detail)
Plan View (detailed)
Plan View (2-Place)

Front View (winglets)
Front View (2-Place)


Duct as an Idealized Truss
Centersection Detail
Forward Fuselage
Aft Fuselage
Stator Structures
Ventral Fin & Wing Attach
Wing and Aileron
Forward Engine Bulkhead
Aft Engine Bulkhead


Propulsion System
Ducted Fan Schematic
An Ineffective Shroud

Duct Schematic (Hover)
Inboard Lifting System Schematic
Hummingbird's Lifting System


Hummingbird Painting
Hummingbird Landed
Annotated Side View
Dismantled for Transport

Lifting Systems Compared
Longitudinally Distributed Lifting Systems
Duct 3D: Side
Duct 3D: Left Rear
Duct 3D: Right Front

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