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3D Renderings

These images are offered to help the reader visualize Hummingbird's unique configuration and potential flight regimes. In some, propellers are excluded for clarity.

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Two Place

HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small)

HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small)

Single Place

HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small)
HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small)
HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small)
HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small)
HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small)

Some Model Parts

Fuselage Model  (small) Duct Model  2 (small) Wing Model  (small)
Forward fuselage surface was lofted in SurfaceWorks, a fully associative SolidWorks add-in, using a B-Spline surface supported by B-Spline control curves. The surface was then used to cut a solid in SolidWorks.

Duct geometry was created very simply in SolidWorks by revolving an imported spline curve defining the airfoil section.

Wing Panel was lofted in SolidWorks on imported splines.
Wing construction begins with the aerodynamic design of the blended airfoils at the wing/duct intersection (chord break). A custom FORTRAN program then generates the planform and creates airfoil sections at arbitrary span stations by geometrically transforming the parent sections while observing aerodynamic constraints. Wing trailing edge thickness remains uniform to accept the constant chord aileron. Parameters can be modified to tailor stall development. The program writes 2D or 3D points files which can be directly imported into SolidWorks utilizing a 3rd party utility. Using this system an entirely new wing design can be generated and modeled in minutes.

Fuselage Model  (small) Fuselage Model  (small) Aft Fuselage Model  (small)

Elevator (left) and stabilizer were lofted in SolidWorks on splines created in a further custom program. The software takes any wing section and calculates points files for a flap of arbitrary planform and circular leading edge, along with the associated forward surface, while maintaining specified clearances. This software also facilitates the 3D modeling of the stators/statorons and fins/rudders. Ailerons are independent foils.

Aft fuselage is a revolved, shelled solid in SolidWorks.

HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small) HB Model  (small)
The propeller blades depicted here were lofted in SolidWorks on 13 spline profiles, each containing 140 coordinate points. These profiles (points files) were created using custom FORTRAN software which reads XROTOR geometry data, along with airfoil coordinate data for several airfoils of various thickness; the software then works out (with user input) a suitable thickness distribution, and computes sections at arbitrary blade stations.

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