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Radio-Controlled Models

Several people around the world are currently developing scale and semi-scale Hummingbird models, mainly of the electric variety. This page will provide information on projects as they come to light.

Patrizio Bronzi Electric Model (DNA)

The following images depict an electric-powered model built by Patrizio Bronzi of Appignano, Italy. This model is a close approximation of the full-scale Hummingbird (the major difference being the use of 3 stators rather than 4, and both elevator and aileron are mixed into the statorons). The model is 1 metre wingspan.

Of special note are the concentric electric motors designed and built by Patrizio, along with the controllable-pitch propellers. As a piece of model-making, this is a work to be admired.

This model holds the distinction of being the first example of the Hummingbird Configuration known to have flown, of any scale. He has christened it DNA (the double-helix).

Patrizio has placed a short video of DNA's first flight here: DNA first flight

For further details about this model, contact Patrizio directly at:
Patrizio Bronzi
C.da Campo di Bove, 5
I-62010 Appignano(MC)
email: gattointelligente AT (substitute @ for AT )

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