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Postal Address
Philip Carter
PO Box 56
Slocan BC
Canada V0G 2C0

About Esotec Developments

Esotec embodies my two great interests: esoteric philosophy (the inner side of life) and fine science and technology in harmony with Nature and the human Spirit. Hence the name: Esoteric Technology.

Here are some things I am good at:
- Building composite aircraft
- Book editing and design
- Writing
- Hacking Fortran code
- Aircraft design
- Designing propellers and airfoils
- Creating aero surfaces in SolidWorks
- Problem solving (I don't mean my own problems)
- Solving puzzles (quantum mechanics is the greatest of all puzzles!)

Basically, I enjoy generating new ideas and creating cool stuff. Innovation is a state of mind, or sometimes no-mind, penetrating to the heart of a process and isolating its essential features. My research efforts are offered freely, as contributions to human knowledge, for whatever they are worth. To help pay the bills, meanwhile, I offer a variety of contract services.

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