Esotec provides services in a variety of disciplines. Low overhead means competitive rates. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Airfoil Design
- Software: XFOIL and MSES
- Very experienced with aerobatic airfoils
- Experienced modelling high lift devices in MSES

Propeller and Ducted Fan design
- Software: CROTOR-ES (free tip), DFDC-ES (ducted)
- Single or counter-rotating rotors, air or water
- Select propellers in ESPROP
- Designs can be provided as SolidWorks models

Fortran Programming
- Specializing in rapid development of vertical market custom codes.

3D Solid Modelling
- Software: SolidWorks Office Professional 2008
- CosmosWorks (FEA) and FloWorks (CFD) simulation software
- Shop experience ensures practical designs
- Special capabilities lofting accurate aero/hydro surfaces (see examples below)

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