ESPROP was developed to fit the requirements of a propeller manufacturer using third party blades in custom constant speed hubs. The problem was to select the optimum blade for a particular airframe, engine and operating points. The system consists of two components:

  • ESPARA: a subroutine within CROTOR that sets up parameters and gathers and saves parametric data for multiple propellers.
  • ESPROP: a standalone utility that reads the resulting data file and presents the data in a variety of ways.
  • The system has two chief applications:
    1. The propeller designer seeking to directly compare competing designs over a wide range of operating conditions.
    2. The propeller manufacturer (or buyer) seeking to select the optimum existing blade for a specific application.

    ESPROP databases can be built from any blade geometry that has been loaded into XROTOR, over any range of operating parameters for which XROTOR will converge solutions.

    Download ESPROP v0.8

    Available under the terms of the General Public Licence. By downloading the software you agree to abide by the GPL conditions.

    Esprop08w.zip includes sources, plot library, sample database, and documentation. Building in Unix/Linux/OSX requires X11 support and C and Fortran compilers. For Windows users a Win32 binary is included in the package.

    Note that ESPROP 0.8 is included in the CROTOR 755-ES1 builds. This distribution is intended for those not needing CROTOR who wish to view ESPROP databases generated by others.

    Download Esprop08w.zip (1.1MB)

    Documentation (text format, included in package)
    ESPROP User Guide
    Warp10b Database Notes


    25 January 2015

    Updated Win32 binary fixes plotting glitches.

    5 April 2014

    ESPROP 0.8 Windows executable added to package (thanks to JP Balza).

    21 October 2011

    ESPROP 0.8
    Minor tweaks, compatibility with ESPARA 0.8 in CROTOR 755-ES1
    Beta sample blade station now stored in database.

    7 May 2009

    Esprop 0.7

    ESPROP Plot Preview

    In addition to comprehensive and flexible numerical reporting, ESPROP offers the following 8 plot types, presenting data on up to 8 propellers per plot over any range of operating points within the bounds of the database, in interactive or batch mode.

    Efficiency vs. Velocity Thrust vs. Velocity

    Efficiency vs. Power Thrust vs. Power

    Efficiency vs. RPM Thrust vs. RPM

    Efficiency vs. Altitude Thrust vs. Altitude

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