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Projected Specifications

The following specifications are for an early version of the aircraft utilizing the proposed 150 hp liquid-cooled Hirth Engines (no longer being considered). Current estimates (2006) are for a slightly larger and heavier aircraft.

Wing Span 19.0 feet
Length (excl. fwd sight) 19.0 feet
Height 9.7 feet
Wing Area (wing only) 55 sq feet
Duct Diameter (@chordline) 91 inches
Duct Chord 35.5 inches
Effective Duct Lifting Area 31 sq feet (1.4 x proj. area)
Total Effective Wing Area 86 sq feet
Aspect Ratio 4.2
Wing Loading (@1100 lbs) 12.8 lb/sq foot
Effective Lateral Surface Area 42 sq feet
Lateral Wing Loading 26.2 lb/sq foot
Empty Weight 850 lb
Aerobatic Weight 1100 lb
Max Gross Wt 1300 lb
Stress Factor (@1100 lb) +/- 10G limit
Power Loading (@1100 lb) 3.7 lb/hp
Thrust Loading (SL, 1100 lb) 1.4 - 1.5
Engines 2 of Hirth 2-cycle, liquid cooled, 150 hp each @ 6200 rpm
or: 2 of Wankel type, 150 hp each @ 6500 rpm
Propellers 3 blade, 85" dia, composite blades and hub, electric constant speed
Aerobatic Fuel 8 US gal (sump tanks)
Ferry Fuel 24 US gal (wing root tanks)
Max speed, straight and level 200+ mph
Max rate of climb 4500+ fpm
Roll rate 400+ degrees/sec
Lateral acceleration 5G @ 200 mph

Please note that these specifications are early estimates only.

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